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Swiftpoint Z2
Jeigh Neither
Life Changing

I had a very serious accident that left me with memory & migraine issues. After being prescribed a "migraine" medication that further damaged my memory to the point of senility, I struggled w/short-term amnesia for nearly a decade. After several years of zero progress, I found a neurologist who wanted me to try gaming therapy. At first I only played single-player games, but after a few months w/no positive results, I began to doubt the therapy, & think I was hopeless.

Then Fortnite burst onto the scene & from the moment I first saw gameplay, I was hooked. The only problem was I'd never played PvP multi-player games or shooters. I had zero skill & knowledge. I'm a highly competitive person tho & very stubborn. I probably played for an entire year before I started regularly winning at the game, but I'd noticed within the first month that I was having memory improvement. The drive to win, paired with the high-pressure situations associated w/pvp shooters, really pushed my memory under the toughest conditions & this was something that nothing else could really replicate, & it was finally rebuilding/working-out the broken memory mechanism in my brain. I'd searched for over 5 years & I'd finally found something that worked. The only problem is that even after I got some skills, I was still a 40yr old man w/little gaming experience, going up against sweaty 14yr old's. Losing all the time doesn't do much to improve the memory. It helps still, but it's the repetitive memory stressors that come from taking fights & figuring out the right weapon for the right situation, in nano-seconds, that works-out the memory mechanism best. I needed to win more, I had to get better somehow.

Enter the Swiftpoint Z-1. In addition to the memory problems & also have spinal injuries, with nerve impingement, so my reaction times are slower than even the average 40 year old, let alone a healthy 14 yr old. Nothing is going to improve that, but the Z-1 helps even the playing field for me. Having keystrokes literally at your fingertips of both hands took my gameplay to the next level. I was winning more, & taking more fights, which meant more situations where my memory had to work in overdrive. After playing the game & using the Z-mouse for 5yrs, I no longer fit the "short-term amnesia" diagnosis I'd had for nearly a decade. Fortnite had changed my life in ways nothing else could, & the Z-1 mouse is/was an essential tool to empower my gameplay. Without it I wouldn't have made the strives I have. I've achieved the second highest level (platinum) in competitive Fortnite. Considering there are only a few thousand people w/the highest level (Unreal), I'd consider it a miracle if I didn't know the Z-1/Z-2 was an essential part of that achievement.

I'm also a creator, who works professionally in music as a musician & audio/mix engineer. I was unemployable for many years after my accident & thru my memory struggles, but the Z-1 helped in that department as well, allowing me to put most of my keyboard shortcuts at my fingertips. For whatever reason, I was/am able to retain muscle memory, much easier than data & having those shortcuts as mouse buttons is essential to that. I'm also using Unreal Engine 5.4 for personal creative projects & again, the Z-1 has become an essential tool. Most of the tools I use in video creation are right there at my fingertips & it's helped me advance really quickly. I still have memory issues, but it's on-par w/your typical forgetful person now. I'm able to have a much more enriched & art-filled life, thanks in very large part to the Z-1 & Z-2. It's obviously not going to be that life-changing for the typical user, but it will certainly improve your gameplay & expand your creative life. My original Z-1 is still running strong five years later, & the new Z-2 not only insures I have a back-up & mice for both my PC's, but it's somehow even faster & smoother operating than the original. The support has always been kind & personable, although I've only ever needed to contact them for additional parts, since the mouse has never broken down. I even spilled water on my Z-1 & it kept ticking. I can't recommend the Z-2 more. It's the most useful tool in my arsenal & it literally helped change my life.

Swiftpoint Z2
C. L. Barrett
Great Mouse!

It does everything a mouse does, along with controller type functions.

Swiftpoint Z2
Alex Hebert
Productivity king

The amount of customization and unique custom inputs allow me to navigate sites and files super quickly and smoothly

Great but not perfect

I switched to this mouse from G502. For the most part all the features are great the only thing keeping me from giving this a mouse a 5 is that the construction of the mouse doesn't feel as solid as the 502 (feels more plastic less metal parts) which is a little unfortunate because the switchpoint cost more than double than the 502 at this time. The other reason i give this mouse only a 4 is the auto profile switch doesn't reliably switch when tabbing in and out of the game I ended up putting it on manual switch. I just wish that for the price your paying the product would feel a little more quality and have some of these software issues taken care of already

All in all I still like the mouse for its extra buttons and functionality and will continue to use it as my main gaming mouse. I'm sure with updates they will eventually fix the auto profile switching and add more features. I can't wait for them to add custom animation uploads to the oled screen.

Swiftpoint Z2
Tasha cook
Just as good as the 1st editon but no major improvements

The swiftpoint Z 2 is absolutely amazing and I love it. However this is exactly how I felt about the original z when it launched. I have not noticed any other changes or improvements from this molded compared to the first. this is not necessarily a bad thing though and many of the changes mentioned were internal improvements like fixing the issue were the middle mouse button would stop working after a while.
all and all its a great mouse and I highly recommend it to anyone who doesn't have the original. If you have the original Z however, don't feel pressured to upgrade though you wont be disappointed if you do.

great improvements to the best mouse ever

I just got my mouse a few days ago and I noticed the improvements from the first gen mouse. every button press, mouse wheel scroll, or mouse movement feels intentional and the response time of the mouse is amazing. even the updated UI for the mouse is better. MUCH easier to use. great job on this mouse and it was worth being part of the kickstarter!

Swiftpoint Z2
Probably the best mouse I've used.

I have been using a Razer Deathadder exclusively since it released and after using the Z2 for a but I would never go back. If you take the time to set it up per application you use it's amazing. I do wish there were more presets for popular games to save some time but that's not the end of the world.

Best mouse for production I’ve ever owned. Great for games and great for editing. 10/10 would buy again.

Swiftpoint Z2
a better mouse

swiftpoint has gone and shown us that a better product does not require technology of the future. even after adding the mountain of features unique to this mouse, it is still lighter than the original 502. though lacking in buttons to adhere to their desire for an ergonomic mouse, it is still much more than worth the steep asking price

Laura B
New computer, new mouse.

Our old computer would not support the Swiftpoint mouse, so when we bought a new computer this week, we were able to activate the mouse and it's working great. I need a few more weeks to adjust to it because of osteoarthritis, RH and carpal tunnel.

Swiftpoint Z2
Joshua Palevo
An amazing mouse.

I've used a lot of different name brand mice, and this is the best one I've ever used, not just because of the sheer amount of buttons. The software for remapping is so user friendly and picks up the active programs so easily without a hassle. Corsair software is a mess, Logitech is barely functional, ReWASD is just to complicated. I will definitely be buying more products from Swiftpoint in the future, thank you for your amazing products.

Swiftpoint Z2
Patrick T
Swiftpoint z2

Like the amount of buttons on it that are customizable and has plenty of neat features not seen on any other mice.

Swiftpoint Z2
Devyn Minott
Tons of Features

Love the mouse. It's very ergonomic to start. I do like the tilt feature but it's honestly not as easy to use and very fluent in games like R6S and other games with leaning mechanics. It took a minute to get used to having used a G502 for the last 5 years it was definitely a change up but not something I regret

The only thing I don't care for, and maybe I'm not using it right, but it is the extra tilt movement I get even without the gyro attachment. Otherwise, it is a very welt built mouse and has a plethora of functions. Thought I wouldn't recommend it to my friends if they were just starting to get into PC.. or MnK gaming.

Very comfortable has many uses to

Oskar Janerka
Great mouse!

The mouse is great for both gaming and work (OBS, Photoshop, etc). It may be a little bit on the heavier side but that is the only problem. its also ergonomic, so your wrists and hands dont hurt after longer use. Great mouse, from a great company.

Swiftpoint Z2
Hot Trout
Game Changer Literally

Light, smooth and with an easy glide the mouse feels good to game with. The additional buttons on the top really work in Destiny 2 as quick access to gun swap and reload and overall my K/D has improved as a result. I am still re-teaching my muscle memory away from Logitech G series mice which I have used fore the past 20 years but as it improves so does my ability to pull a kill faster than the other guys. Love this mouse and can't wait to see what else you come up with. p.s. The windows software is actually really good and very easy to use.

Swiftpoint Z2
Fantastic mouse

The mouse is amazing and combine with ceramic mouse feet and glass mouse pad I don't think it can be beet

AMAZING!.. most of the time..

The feel, the program and the function is all amazing, but in some programs and games the mouse just won't work as a mouse or joystick. There are a few workarounds for some of these problems but not all of them

Swiftpoint Z2
Arkadiusz P

Pure quality in any aspect I think there is nothing more for even most demanding users no matter what is the purpose of using this mice.

3rd version I have

I originall go the Z and loved it, I was always a G502 mouse user. I switched to the Z and loved it. I had the middle mouse button issue and with the online guide fixed it myself. I bought the Tracer when it went on sale as a back up as I thought they wouldn't be making anymore Z mice. When I saw the kickstarter for the Z2 I wanted to get it but my Tracer was still working. I ended up ordering the Z2 anyway and after a few minor issues I have been using it falwlessly. I packed up the Tracer and it will be my backup if anything should go wrong with my Z2.

The Swiftpoint team are tops and very helpful. I would not and have not hesitated in recommending them to friends.

Not compatible

Hi there- I purchased the USB plug that is supposed to work with the Swiftpoint mouse because I lost the previously attached USB plug. The new USB plug does not work with my mouse, so it seems like a poor purchase.

Hi Daniel,

Sorry to hear about the issues you are having with the USB receiver and the confusion regarding the compatibilty.

Just wanted to acknowledge this review and let you know that our support team will be in contact shortly.


Swiftpoint Z2
Bryan R
Very weak wheel tactility.

I love everything about the idea of the mouse but haven't even been able to try it out because of the free spinning wheel with very little mechanical feedback.

Hi Bryan,

The Swiftpoint Z2s scroll-wheel has not been designed to be free-scroll. It is a notched tacticle scroll-wheel.

It sounds like your scroll-wheel is broken. So please contact us ASAP on so that we can look into the issue further and ultimately get a replacement unit sent out to you.


Brilliant idea but it just doesn't fit me!

Don't let the number of stars throw you off. I think this mouse is a fantastic idea and I really really wish it had worked out for me. But, after struggling for several weeks, I just could not get it to fit my hand comfortably and had to move on to something else.
I like a mouse grip where my middle finger can rest on the scroll wheel. The layout of the Swiftpoint was too narrow to accommodate that. When I let go of that notion and put my middle finger on the right click, I could not find a comfortable way to access the scroll wheel for middle clicking or scrolling.
Again - brilliant ideas, from the gyro sensor to the click strength sensitivity - but it's just not for me.

Swiftpoint Z2
Kinaan Taha
Excellent MMO and General Gaming Mouse

One of the best mice I’ve ever used. Well designed and worth the wait. Easily and powerfully configurable, with the level of complexity applied up to the user. Ergonomic too, much better than previous 12 button mmo mice.