Peak Performance At Your Fingertips

Maximize Your Productivity

  • ProPoint’s CES award-winning ergonomic pen grip relieves the strain and pain caused by extended mouse use.

  • Promotes a more natural hand posture and reducing tension in the fingers and wrist.

  • Feather-light and pocket-sized, ProPoint minimizes problematic movement and makes gliding effortless.

Work From Any Surface

  • Rely on ProPoint’s patented design for optimal performance, no matter where you’re working.

  • With a 60-second rapid charge giving you an hour of use, this cutting-edge Bluetooth and wireless mouse is the ultimate travel companion.

Prevent RSI

  • Take protecting your wellbeing a step further with ProPoint’s built-in ergonomic assessment tool, as it reminds you to change posture and suggests adjustments to optimize your comfort. All this, in a mouse!

Setup and Go

  • ProPoint’s hassle-free setup means no additional drivers or complex installations are required. Just plug it into your laptop's USB port, or pair wirelessly with your iPad, and you're good to go.

  • Let ProPoint’s Productivity Shortcut Wheel accelerate your performance.

  • With a rapid-access menu of your favorite apps accessible within just two clicks - from screenshots, email and calendar to ChatGPT - it’s an efficiency essential.

Love It Or Your Money Back

  • Swiftpoint’s 90-Day risk-free, money-back trial is the only guarantee you need. With Swiftpoint’s innovative technology, a swipe of the mouse will quickly and precisely take you wherever you need to go - no need to reach for your touch screen or click on a scroll bar ever again.

  • But don’t take our word for it; Swiftpoint’s 90-Day risk-free, money-back trial is the only guarantee you need.

Over 25,000+ Happy customers

“This mouse has great portability and design to meet the needs of a traveler. If you are a traveler and have use for a mouse in your life, this is the product for you.”

— Ron Alden

“The best portable, ergonomic mouse made. I have tablets and a Surface Pro 3 and this is the easiest and most comfortable mouse for portability.”

— Mobillegadgeteer

“Great mouse. I've used Swiftpoint mice for years. The Swiftpoint is the best yet. Perfect for traveling.”

— JC

“I can't imagine going back to my old mouse. I like a fast cursor, and the Swiftpoint means I hardly have to move my hand at all, I can just rest my palm and pivot from the one spot. It's also great when I take my laptop to meetings”

— Peter

“Best travel size mouse…I would give a 5 star rating just for the form factor.”

— Mobillegadgeteer


Travel Without Compromise

Transform The Way You Work

Full stand-up presentation clicker

Travel Without Compromise

Full Windows gesture support built-in

Productivity Shortcut Wheel

Patented ergonomic design